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I Promise

((This is my submission for TheAlchemicFox’s Writing Contest. It is based off of the first time we ever talked and is pretty much a true story. Enjoy.))

I Promise

By: PuzzledPrattlings


It was late winter, and the warm Chinook breeze had arrived in Canada, bringing with it the first real thaw. It was the cause of a collective sigh of relief for everyone in the city. Except for one girl. This girl was an emotional wreck, afraid that she was to be left alone and friendless until winter came again. The reason for this was simply that her best friend was a spirit; specifically, the winter spirit, Jack Frost. Although she couldn’t actually see or hear him, she knew he was there and believed in him with her whole heart. He was the one who could make her laugh and who listened when she cried. He was the only one she could actually be herself with, and, now that spring was on the way, she feared that he would leave her with the snow.

            Earlier that day, she had gone for a hike up on the mountain, by herself, to try to talk to him. “Why do you have to go?” she pleaded and begged, “I need you! I can’t do this…not by myself.” Tears welled in her eyes and her lower lip trembled. A light breeze blew in her face, as her friend tried to explain, tried to console her. “But I will be here, I won’t be gone forever!” He hated to see her upset like this. And knowing that she couldn’t hear his words made it worse. She dug her nails into her palm, as if by that action she could hold herself together. Jack stood by her, watching helpless as the tears ran unchecked down her face. ‘I wish there was something I could do, some way I could comfort and reassure her,’ he thought. After some time, she sighed and wiped away the tears with the back of her hand. She turned towards Jack, looking in what she sensed was his direction. “I- I guess this is goodbye then? I wish I knew for sure if it was… I will miss you, but I will not forget you.” She stood there for a moment, eyes closed and head bowed, then walked away towards her home. Jack stood under the trees, watching his friend leave.

            It was late in the evening, and the girl sat on the family’s laptop computer. Although she was trying to put a brave front on the whole situation with Jack, she couldn’t put her mind at ease. Eight to nine months was a long time to go lonely, and she wondered if she really could spend that much time apart from her friend. As she scrolled through Tumblr, she came across a post that someone had reblogged from a blog called “TheAlchemicFox”. Intrigued, she looked at the source of the post. It was an ask blog, run by a cosplayer that seemed to be just like Jack. ‘Maybe it is Jack,’ the thought ran through her mind before she could stop herself from hoping. On a whim, she decided to ask this Jack about her problem. If anything, writing out her problem could only make her feel better, she certainly couldn’t feel worse.

She typed out her message: “If the snow’s all melted here, does that mean you can’t visit me anymore? I know that it does get rather hot here in the summer, and I understand if you can’t come, but the truth is I’m really going to miss you. Even though I can’t see past the mist yet I know when you’re there and you’ve become one of my best friends. You just being there for me makes a world of difference. Also I wanted to apologize for forgetting to remember you for all those years. ((Oh god, now I’m crying, bye)).” And it was true, she was crying, tears running down to drip off her chin and sobbing quietly. She waited, not even sure if she would get a response. In a few minutes, she saw that there was a reply: “Whoa, snowflake, calm down. I will never stop visiting you. I’ve still got a few good weeks of cold weather where I can spread some light flurries and rain. Besides that, on my off-season I will be there. Sometimes I help Sandy out, and others I help Tooth, but I make sure to visit each and every one of you. I will make sure you get good dreams and watch you enjoy the summer air. Just because the warmth makes me uncomfortable for long periods of time, that doesn’t mean I’d leave you behind. Those cold summer nights, when the wind nips at your nose and causes you to bundle up? That’s me. When the summer temperature drops randomly as the breeze starts to pick up? I just stopped by. Each and every one of my believers is unique and beautiful, especially you. I could never forget any of you. I will leave signs, I promise, to let you know that I’m there. I will find a way to communicate with you, because we are friends. Ever had a nightmare that suddenly turns funny? That makes you wake up wondering what the hell you were on? That’s me messing with Pitch’s nightmares. And don’t EVER apologize for forgetting. It’s not your fault, it happens. I could never blame you. I am just happy that you found me again. I’ve missed you, and I’m not letting you go that easily. Do you stop believing in the moon when the sun comes up? No? Then don’t doubt me, snowflake. I will be there. I promise.” At the end, there was a gif of Jack, which signed “I love you,” and gave her a reassuring smile and cheerful wink.

She smiled through her tears, “And I’ll be waiting for you, Jack. I promise.”